From Birth to 5th Grade - we've got a place for your children to learn about Jesus.

We have three classes to serve the children who attend Shoal Creek Baptist Church. We go to the corresponding classes after worshipping together in the sanctuary. The only exception generally made is for the Nursery but let us know if your needs differ.

All of our CHAs (volunteers) have had background checks and we ensure there are two adults with the children at all times. Parents are able to observe their children at any time throughout the service without disturbing the lessons by looking through our viewing windows that have mirror glass. For safety reasons we do ask that for the first time adults accompany their children to see where they'll be and the CHAs can know who is allowed to pick up the children.

Please note that due to a limited number of CHAs and Children we may merge classes as needed and as appropriate by age. 

Nursery (0-2) - SHINE

The Nursery is the first door on the right, upstairs in our education space. It's a bright Pineapple Smoothie yellow and will be near impossible to miss.

Our Verse: "Arise, Jersusalem! Let your light shine for all to see. For the glory of the LORD rises to shine on you." Isaiah 60:1.

When Does It Meet? Our Nursery is open during our Sunday Service from starting at 11:00am. We can schedule a member of the Sunshine Squad to be there beforehand so you can enjoy the entire service.

What to Expect: We know at this age, it's really up to the child to tell us what they need. Do they need to sleep? We've got two cribs, fresh sheets, and comfy blankets. Explore? We've got a soft, freshly vacuumed rug that's perfect for crawling around on. Play? We've got a bunch of age-appropriate toys, puzzles, and other things to keep their attention.

We may pray for, sing with, or read bible stories to your child. We want the children in our nursery to feel loved, cared for, and celebrated while their parents are able to freely participate in the worship service.

A Special Note: We prioritize experience with this age in our volunteer selection - whether that be professionally or having had their own children.

We are also sensitive to the fact that some parents may not feel comfortable leaving their children this age with a stranger (no matter how experienced or well vetted.) Therefore, parents and grandparents are welcome to use our nursery facility to individually take care of their children, but, if there is more than one child, a CHA will need to remain in the room. Even in cases where a parent/grandparent takes care of their own child, we like to have a CHA on the floor to ensure if there are any issues we can assist.

The Woodland Realm - (3-Kindergarten)

The Woodland Realm can be found down the education hallway and has a burnt orange accent color in the door way.

Our Verse: "You will live in joy and peace. The mountains will burst into song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands!" Isiah 55:12.

When Does It Meet? During our Sunday Service after family worship.

What to Expect? Children at this age are still developing and we plan for different learning styles. We incorporate time for learning, singing, playing, and sometimes snacks. This group is more focused on crafts and will probably hand you something they've created in class when you pick them up. We focus on biblical basics, talking about who is in the bible, bible stories, and biblical memorization.

In the Woodland Realm we want to familiarize the children with the general stories and people of the bible and reinforce some of the broader lessons. We do this in an age appropriate way, so they have fun doing it!

The Explorers (1st through 5th Grade)

The Explorers is the first doors on your left once upstairs in the education wing. It's got the sliding barn doors and has both Finley Blue and Travers Red doorways.

Our Verse: "God has hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge in Christ." - Colossians 2:3.

When Does It Meet: During our Sunday Service after family worship.

What to Expect: Our Explorers are all about exploring the people, places, and stories of the bible! Letting the children take part in that story is essential to the differentiated approach to teaching we believe in. We'll reinforce the story with a craft or activity related to the core lesson of the story that they'll be able to share with you.

There is truth throughout the stories of the bible. The Explorers class is on a path to discover that these stories are so much more than just stories. They are accounts of things that happened at  a real time, in a real place, to real people. We want to help them experience that as much as possible in a classroom in Canton, Georgia.