Church On-line

Shoal Creek is excited to give you the opportunity to join us via Church On-line. To provide our members and guests with a convenient, safe way to participate in church digitally, we are now streaming our primary services on-line and invite you to join us!

To join Church On-line, connect with us via our Facebook Live stream at No Facebook account is required to stream our services.

Church On-line schedule:
Wednesday Night Bible Study – 6:30PM

Sunday School – 10AM

Sunday AM Worship – 11AM

All streaming will begin 5 minutes before the scheduled time to allow guests to join. Note the “Live” designation embedded in the video to ensure the service you are participating in is live. Joining before the 5 minute countdown will load the last live streamed service and the live designation will not be included.

Tips to make your Church On-line experience impactful:

• Minimize distractions during worship today
• Act as if though you were sitting right beside someone who is attending
• Don’t just turn on service and let it run in the background, participate
• Sing with us, worship with us, pray with us and focus your heart on Jesus
• Even if you feel alone, remember you aren’t

Remember that in Colossians 2:5, Paul writes: For though I am far away from you, my heart is with you. And I rejoice that you are living as you should and that your faith in Christ is strong. (NLT) Although through Church On-line you aren’t physically present, in Spirit we gather to worship and know Jesus. In the midst of all of our homes as we gather in Jesus name, there He will be among us. (Matthew 18:20)


Q: What devices can I use to join Church On-line?

A: To join Church On-line you can use any internet connected device like a computer, smartphone, tablet, or SmartTV.


Q: Will I be able to particpate in Bible Study or Sunday School?

A: Yes! Pastor Scott and your Sunday School teachers will be able to see that you have joined Church On-line and you’ll be able to ask questions or post comments in the chat via Facebook Live.


Q: Do I need a Facebook to join Church On-line?

A: While a Facebook account is not required to stream live, some features (i.e. chat) may require a free Facebook account to participate.


Q: Can I still attend church in person?

A: Currently the church is meeting both in-person and on-line. We encourage all church members and guest to attend in whichever way is most comfortable for their circumstances. As we meet, we are taking the appropriate precautions and following the guidance of the CDC and other government sources to ensure the safety of our guest.


Q: I’m having problems joining Church On-line, who can I ask for help?

A: Please contact the church at (770)720-0195 or reach out via Facebook for assistance on joining.


Q: What is the URL to join the live stream?



Q: Who can join the live stream?

A: Everyone is welcome to join.