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Covid 19 Protocols

Even though state restrictions are lightening up, we are still choosing to follow the following guidelines.

Your Health
Your Health
As always, if you've tested positive or have been around someone who has Covid-19, we ask that you join us online until you're feeling better.
Provided Protection
Provided Protection
We have hand sanitizing stations throughout the church and masks available for those who wish to wear them.
Social Distancing
Social Distancing
We encourage everyone to social distance as you feel you need to and have removed some of our rows to help make that easier.

Is there a dress code?

What do you want to wear to worship God? Jeans? Pastor Scott wears them. Three-piece suits? You’ll blend right in with Deacon Jack. Cosplay of a certain watcher of the night? Pastor Christiaan and you could match. (Yes, Pastor Christiaan came to church as John Snow one Sunday).

How long is the service?

Sunday morning service begins at 11:00 am and realistically lasts until 12:15 pm. Worship lasts about 20 minutes and the teaching is between 45-60 minutes.

What type of worship do you have?

Members of Shoal Creek Baptist Church come from all sorts of denominational backgrounds, Methodist, Presbyterian, Southern Baptist, and even Quaker. Because of this, we opt for a blended service which typically contain a mix of Christian worship music from hymns to today – the style of which depends on who is leading worship that week.

When do you have services?

You can check out a deeper run down on our Weekly Services page. On a typical week you can expect the following services.


11:00am - Sunday Service (in the sanctuary)

1:00pm - Young Adult Ministry (in the youth room)

5:00pm - Sunday Night Live (not live)! (in the sanctuary)


5:30pm - DINNER! (Free, but donations are accepted).

6:30pm - Wednesday Night Service (in the sanctuary)

6:30pm - Youth and Young Adults (in the youth room)

I have kids! What do you have for them?

Check out our Ministries page for a lot more information on the different classes. We have something for every age group. We believe it's so important for families to worship together so we don't officially start our children's programs until after worship. However, arrangements can be made in exception to this. The second floor of the church where the Children’s classes are is open throughout the service. There are viewing windows through to all of the classes if you want to check on your child during the service or pick them up early you’re able to.

The Nursery (ages 0-2) meets in the Pineapple Smoothie room (first door on the right on the main hallway).

The Woodland Realm (ages 3 - Kindergarten) meets in the burnt orange room (first door around the corner).

The Explorers (1st grade through 5th grade) meet in the Finely Blue and Travers Red room (first two doors on the left side).

The Youth (6th - 12th grade) and Young Adult Ministries (18+) meet in the Blackberry Jam room (last door on the left at the end of the hallway).

Can I stream the service?

Not at this time, but if you check out the Sermons page, you can watch our previous sermons, they're typically uploaded no later than Wednesday!

I have other questions!

Cool. Visit our Contact Us page or Email Us. Or, you can call the church line at 770-720-0195.