Weird Church – Do You See What I See (Teaching)

Hope. Hope is freedom. But often times, our Hope can be misplaced because we place our hope in what we see and know because it’s safe but what happens if we’re called to push out of what we know… what happens if we get weird?

We’ve Lost Our Minds (Weird Church) – Teaching

This is just the teaching portion of Scott’s continued exploration of not just being weird, but being the church that we are called to be.

If you’re interesting in learning what Shoal Creek believes at it’s core how what the church is and how Christians should act within it, this is a great message.

Other topics that Scott tackles is love, marriage, pastoral responsibilities, reconciliation, intentionality, and our vision/mission as Shoal Creek and the Church as a whole.

Introduction to the Weird Church – Teaching

As the world looks at establishing a New Normal, it would seem that many weird (strange, bizarre and odd) things have become quite normal/natural. But the word weird really means the presence or activity of the supernatural. The Church has become weird (strange, bizarre and odd) because it is now normal/natural. The Church was meant to be Weird *Supernatural* showing God’s power to a normal/natural world. Follow us this week as we study 1 Corinthians 1:17-31. What the world thinks is stupid or foolish, God uses to humble those who think they are wise…God takes us from what we once were, to make us something much more in Jesus!