Meets Wednesday at 6:30pm currently going through the book of Ruth

There's dinner at 5:30 it's free (donation based) and then the study begins at 6:30.

William Funkhouser, Th.D. is leading a verse-by-verse study through the book of Daniel– with special attention paid to the historical and cultural significance. He believes in a conversational style of teaching that incorporates questions, answers, and discussion. So, while he prepares enough material to teach the whole class he doesn't have a specific time/verse goal. His concern is more about ensuring everyone understands so questions, comments, and discussion at any point about the passage are not only welcome but invited even if it means only one verse is discussed.

One of the reasons Bill focuses on historical and cultural context in his studies is because the bible provides historic accounts along a specific narrative and sometimes these narratives are either assumed to be known (because the audience written would have known them) like in Daniel 1:1-2 or had additional context elsewhere (whether in the bible or in an external source) like in 2nd Kings 1:18 where it says, "As for all the other events of Ahaziah’s reign, and what he did, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Israel?"

Whether you’re a lifelong Christian with a strong theological background, or someone who just wants to learn more about the bible, Dr. Funkhouser’s study in Daniel will help you learn more about this prophetic book and any relevance to our future. Don’t let the doctorate fool you. William is a former hippie and much like Pastor Scott, isn’t interested in pretentiously preaching to hear himself talk.

There is a lesson for Children during Wednesday!